Using Arch Revision Control with Sourceforge.NET

Using Arch Revision Control with Sourceforge.NET

by Martin Schaaf

1. Introduction

At home I use Arch since a long time and want to use it also for my project hosted on So that I don’t need to switch between Arch and CVS any longer. My goal was to setup a mirror of my local repository. That gives me the possiblity to develop locally and commit my changes to the mirror in bigger time intervalls. I write it down here because I think this can be interessting to other people too and hope this will encourage other people to use arch with

Other documents that refer to similar topics can be found on and

2. Result

As a result we will get a mirror of our archive on the project web space. Where the project members can commit and others have readonly access. The project member accesses the archive per sftp with the following path


The elements between the “<” and “>” brackets depends on the user it accesses the project archive and the name of the project. To anonymous access the project archive per http the following path can be used


3. Procedure

Locally there is a signed archive called “a@b.c–sf-project” and we want a mirror for a project called “projectname”. It is created with

tla make-archive --signed a@b.c--sf-project /home/a/archives/sf-project

and should be mirrored on First we create the mirror with the command

tla make-archive --listing --mirror --signed a@b.c--sf-project s

Now we have the mirror on The next step is to register it locally under a different archive name. We use for this step the command

tla register-archive -d a@b.c--sf-project-MIRROR

The next and last step is to commit our local archive to the remote archive. We use the following command

tla archive-mirror a@b.c--sf-project a@b.c--sf-project-MIRROR

This have to be done everytime you want to update the mirror or can be automatized to be done after every local commit. The Arch documentation shows how to achive this.

4. Thanks

I will thank Tom Lord for developing this very nice and easy useable revision control called Arch and Sourceforge.NET for providing free project hosting.