Mount (gnome-mount) options in nautilus

My portable music player is formatted with hfsplus. The linux hfsplus mount this default readonly. To mount it writable you have to mount with the force option. I tried it as root on the console with the following mount options “rw,uid=1000,gid=1000,force”. This worked. Now I want to make it the default for this device. I opened nautilus on the device as non root user and added these options to the mount preferences. On a new connect I got the error message: Wrong mount options. I tried “gnome-mount -vvv -b -d /dev/” on console. gnome-mount is the tool used to mount the devices. I got the debug message that there are not allowed mount options. I read the man pages and found out that uid is set by gnome-mount itself and rw isn’t allowed with uid. So I removed rw, uid, gid options so that only force is added. Now the ipod with hfsplus is mounted writable on connecting to the computer.

Update: By looking through the gnome-mount code I find out that you can set the uid option like uid= and this is replaced with uid=<id of the current user>.

The last burst of checkins has brought Tux3 to the pointer where it undeniably acts like a filesystem: one can write files, go away, come back later and read those files by name. We can see some of the hoped for attractiveness starting to emerge: Tux3 clearly does scale from the very small to the very big at the same time. We have our Exabyte file with 4K blocksize and we can also create 64 Petabyte files using 256 byte blocks. How cool is that? Not much chance for internal fragmentation with 256 byte blocks.
Daniel Phillips