Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project

I had to try this Eclipse project out. On trying it I got every time the error that the profiler agent cannot be accessed, becaused it isn’t started. But I need this project running and had to find the problem. I use Eclipse 3.3 on Ubuntu Linux 7.04. First I find the scripts on starting the agent server in /eclipse/plugins/ and found out that they are missing the execute rights. Then I started the script by hand ./ and get the following error [: 46: ==: unexpected operator. The solution is to set in the first line the interpreter to bash instead of sh, because Ubuntu uses a small replacment for the bash called dash. Again. Now I get a new error that’s saying needs /usr/lib/ Where to get this library? After some web searching I found out that I had to install the following package libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2. Now the agent starts. Let’s start profiling.

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