Yes, I am Asian.

In order to extend my visa, I went to the immigration office. It opens at 9’o clock and at 8:30, there was already a long waiting line outside, in front of the main entrance. At 9’o clock, only 20 people entered the building. The rest of the people waited, without further information, standing outside aprox. 4 hours without any chair, awning, etc.

example from Immigration office / Halle / Germany

Maintainers Don’t Scale

At least for me, review isn’t just about ensuring good code quality, but also about diffusing knowledge and improving understanding. At first there’s maybe one person, the author (and that’s not a given), understanding the code. After good review there should be at least two people who fully understand it, including corner cases. And that’s also why I think that group maintainership is the only way to run any project with more than one regular contributor.