I had to install Ganglia on ten boxes. I downloaded the source package and followed the readme file. It helped me very much until the point I got on all ten boxes gmond to run and on one the web server. But what now? The web server hadn’t displayed any information. So I came to the point I need gmetad to collect all the informations. I putted it on the web server box to the gmond start script and added the configuration file. First you have to change the gmetad port because the default installation has the same as gmond configured. Then you have to set all boxes in the field data_source like

data_source "cluster name" box1 box2 box3 box4 box5

then set the grid_name like

gridname "grid name"

The last step is to set the grid name also in the gmond configuration like

cluster {
    name = "cluster name"

After these last steps Ganglia and the web interface are running well.

Summary for a working Ganglia with GUI:

  • run gmond on every server
  • set the grid name in gmond.conf
  • run gmetad on the same server as the web interface
  • set all boxes that run gmond in gmetad.conf
  • set the cluster name in gmetad.conf

The tool Cssh helped me very much on doing the installation on all ten boxes in parallel.